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  • Unique Homeowner Keepsake or Marketing Tool

  • Business Advertising

  • Construction Services Planning, Management or Operations Monitoring

  • Company Asset Inventory and Maintenance check  

  • Lowering Costly Man Hours for Inspections and Evaluations

  • Hard to Reach Inspections

  • Improving Safety by Reducing Risk of Physical Injury

  • Easier, faster more comprehensive evaluation of large areas or distances

  • Insurance Loss Evaluation

  • Roof Inspection

  • Disaster Evaluation

  • Search and Rescue






  • Some applications or projects are straightforward and fall into one or more of our Basic Services and Pricing.

  • For complex or unique projects or applications, we take whatever time, investigation and research necessary to satisfy your wishes. Call us!

  • Customized Pricing for any unique project imaging or service.

  • Discounted Package Pricing for repetitive service at one site.

  • Discounted Package Pricing for repetitive service with one client.

  • For price and cost containment, any required driving mileage will be billed at $0.80 per mile... the first 50 miles are free.

  • See below.



We are more than happy to answer any questions or discuss any of your more complex project desires, requests or needs by phone, text, email or Site/Business/Home meeting. If we don't know the answer to your question, we will get it!


Getting to know you, your needs and then explaining how UPLIFT PRO IMAGING can meet those needs is key to complete client satisfaction, and subsequently our satisfaction.


For more information or discussion:

Call 616-648-2694 or email